Confidently create an interview-generating résumé without the "OMG!" and "WTF!"

You’ve been trying to write a résumé (for ages) to get you interviews for your dream job but you’re not getting the response you want.

It looks something like this….

You’re in a situation you want to leave

  • a 3-hour daily commute
  • a bad work environment
  • a dead-end job
  • unemployment
  • being underpaid and undervalued
  • (insert your own personal grief here)


BUT your job search has become more of a fishing expedition

You feel like you’re casting out thousands of résumés for positions you are CLEARLY qualified for, but you get few to no bites.

And the bites you get are fruitless.

OR, you’re not applying to jobs yet

But you want to be ready for the “what if” scenario:

  • you lose your job unexpectedly
  • life blows up and you’re forced to quit your job and find another
  • your dream job appears out of nowhere

So, you dust off your résumé, give it some tweaks or slap something together and think your document is “good enough” to get you interviews.


“Good enough” isn’t nearly good enough!

You either have a powerful résumé that attracts interviews or a crappy one that repels them.

There’s no middle ground.

So, NO – You’re. Not. Ready.

In either case…

You pray to the interview gods as you hit the “Apply Here” button and check your inbox for the 100th time, only to have your dreams dashed once again.

Sound familiar?

(head nodding in agreement)

You decide to get some online “help”.

But things don’t go quite as planned…

You download free résumé samples and use those as “inspiration” for your document…

But millions of other exasperated jobseekers JUST LIKE YOU are using the same templates and samples, so your résumé ends up sounding like everybody else’s.

You try a jacked-up “plug and play” template that promises to give you a résumé that attracts “instant” job offers…

But you quickly realize that it doesn’t write your résumé for you (duh!), so you continue to stare at your computer screen for a few more hours wondering, “WTF do I do now?”

You take a “free” masterclass (sales pitch) and even a paid course

But the masterclass is 2 hours you’ll never get back.  And the course just skims the surface with basic info that’s no better than the free information off the internet which you’ve already tried that’s clearly NOT WORKING.

You reach out to colleagues, friends, and family (even Aunt Becky) to give you feedback about your résumé (BAD IDEA!)

But you end up getting more conflicting information and are now more confused and frustrated than ever. So, Aunt Becky invites you over for tea.

Can you relate?

The clock is ticking and job opportunities are passing you by faster than you can say:

“I need a résumé that gets me my dream job!”

You had me at "dream job"!

What you want is….


  • to be able to craft a résumé in a moment’s notice that’s going to rock the hiring manager’s world
  • to know how to make yourself stand out in your document as not just desirable, but hireable
  • to have tools, resources, and expert advice you can leverage if you get stuck
  • to get eyeballs on your résumé that can assess if you’re going in the right direction or headed for résumé purgatory
  • to have an actual HUMAN (OMG!) give you the guidance you need to point you in the right direction so you can stop going around in circles

But more importantly….


  • to upload your résumé , hit “Apply Here” and find your inbox filling up with job interviews

How awesome would that be?


The solution is having a system that shows you how to write a résumé that can convert into interviews.




A complete, easy-to-follow, digital course that shows you step-by-step how to create a stand-out résumé from A to Z.


Module #1: Laying the Foundation

Before you create a powerful résumé, you need to understand the nature of the job search process and all the obstacles you’re going to face, many of which you have probably already experienced but haven’t been able to overcome – until now.

This module gives you key insight and tactics that you will need to boost your chances of being seen and selected for the interview.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • The top 12 things your résumé says about you that the employer uses to decide whether they want to interview you or not (and it’s not necessarily what you might think)
  • The new and little-used résumé format you should use which puts you at a distinct advantage over your competitors who still rely on the ineffective, traditional formats
  • The strategies that will help your résumé get through the two dreaded filters that send most résumés to the garbage can immediately upon submission
  • The important mind shift you need to make NOW about how to attack the job search process which is the difference between getting ZERO to potentially multiple interviews
  • How to create a targeted job search that delivers better results than using the ineffective “spray and pray” method

Module #2: Uncovering & Communicating Your Value

This is a powerful module. It gives you the tools to help you transform your snoozarific résumé (that’s putting HR, recruiters, and hiring managers to sleep), into a head-turning piece of marketing collateral.

You’ll be shown methods that hook the reader and keeps them reading rather than moving on to someone else’s résumé.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • An effective, 5-part method to help you uncover and articulate achievements that you didn’t even know you had
  • How to create bullet points that encourage the reader to keep reading rather than hit the delete button
  • What your unique value proposition is which is the #1 thing that makes your résumé a show-stopper
  • Techniques to help you “paint a picture” for the human reader about how you can help them which is all they really care about
  • What the “secret sauce” is that can transform your ineffective “career obituary” into a compelling, interview-attraction career marketing tool
  • How to impress the employer by showing you can achieve their 3 key desired results which will have them jumping for joy! 
  • The 3 C’s you must follow to create impactful bullet points that keep the reader’s eyes glued to your document and not someone else’s
  • The difference between powerful statements and weak ones that’ll keep your résumé out of the trash
  • The words you should avoid and the words you should use to inject your résumé with interview-attraction power

Module #3: Building the Main Body of the Résumé

This is the “nuts and bolts” of the résumé which focuses on all the sections that show your relevant qualifications including work experience, education, professional development, and volunteer experience.

These sections offer a key opportunity to continue to express your value, but most people don’t know how to do this.  They often throw in the “kitchen sink” in the hopes that something sticks but all that does is confuse the hiring manager – if it even gets into their hands.

You will be shown how to be strategic and selective about the information you show, where you place it, and how you express it, so you continue to communicate your “amazingness” which is the very thing that will keep the reader from moving onto the next résumé.

Key things you’ll learn:

    • How to transform the work experience section from a boring laundry list of tasks into an attention-grabbing career trajectory
    • How to downplay damaging career red flags (like work gaps and job hopping) so you’re not kicked out of the process
    • How to show employment dates that work in your favour rather than ring alarm bells
    • The qualifications to include (or not) to ensure that you are supporting your value
    • How many years of experience you should show to avoid being seen as “too young” or “too old”
    • How to provide context and scope that helps “connect the dots” for the reader who is suffering from résumé brain “fog”
    • A pro-writer tactic to deal with multiple jobs with the same employer (it’s complicated)
    • The correct order you must show the information for the résumé to get past the ATS scan
    • When you should move a supporting qualification from the last page to another location
    • The little known but common mistake that most people make that can prevent their résumé from coming up in a database search

Module #4: Creating Your Résumé "Sweet Spot"

The résumé “Sweet Spot” is prime real estate because whatever you put in here is the first thing that the human reader and ATS see when they start scanning your résumé.

Because the human takes only seconds to skim the document, the “Sweet Spot” must be written properly to help you stand out and grab their attention so they stop dead in their tracks and contact you for the interview.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • The 6 components the human reader and computer ATS immediately see and how to maximize its power so your résumé gets to the top of the pile
  • The truth about whether or not to include where you live on your résumé. It’s an ongoing controversy.
  • The strategy that prevents you from being discriminated against as a result of conscious or unconscious hiring biases
  • How to provide quantifiable evidence to boost the interview-attraction power of your résumé even when your jobs don’t provide any metrics
  • Top 3 marketing-driven components you need to add to your résumé (that most people do wrong) to transform your document from “meh” to unforgettable
  • How to convert the outmoded and generic objective statement into an enticing professional profile that busts through the computer ATS and grabs the human by the eyeBALLS. Figuratively, not literally.

Module #5: Creating a Design That Works

The way your résumé is formatted and designed can either help it stand out and get noticed by the human reader OR send it to the reject pile. The computer ATS couldn’t scan it properly and/or the human reader was turned off by the way it was designed.

While “less is more” is typically the best philosophy when creating a résumé, some amount of design is actually recommended, although tricky.

Heavily-designed, infographic résumés are typically a no-no. You have to be careful what design elements you use because the wrong ones can literally prevent your résumé from ever reaching the human reader.

Furthermore, many hiring authorities prefer simple designs because heavy designs are hard on the eye and typically signal poor content.

Key things you’ll learn:

  • The résumé format and design you should use to make your résumé a stand-out document
  • The 4 criteria of a well-designed résumé and why looks do matter
  • 14 ways to make the résumé visually appealing to get past the computer ATS and snap the human reader out of their résumé haze
  • Design elements that are “safe” to use when applying through the computer ATS
  • Design elements you should avoid like the plague
  • The optimal amount of résumé pages that sell you for the job
  • Where to focus your most important content so your résumé hooks the reader
  • Where to NEVER put any important information because it might not be “seen” by the computer ATS
  • How to ensure your résumé is error-free so that picky HR person doesn’t trash it for typos and inconsistencies because they’re in a bad mood


RÉSUMÉS THAT CONVERT is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step résumé writing course that guides you through the entire process so you can create a knock-out, résumé that positions you as a “perfect fit” candidate for your target role.

If you don’t feel you’ve been given the information, resources, and guidance that you need to create a résumé that helps you communicate your value in a way that makes you stand out from your competitors, simply reach out, show that you’ve done the work and you will be refunded your investment.

Refunds are not issued when any of the coaching sessions or document reviews have been redeemed. Please read the Refund Policy or Terms and Conditions for more information.

Résumés That Convert exceeded my expectations. Although there is a ton of information, the course was so well laid out that I was able to get through each lesson quickly and easily. The course made the process more enjoyable by eliminating the stress and guesswork of not knowing what to do. Diana provides excellent explanation, examples, and templates.  The résumé critique and coaching helped me create an impressive résumé in much less time than it would have taken me without this kind of help. I learned a lot and feel that I got immense value out of the course. Thanks Diana!
Elle W

Hospitality Concierge

Unless your résumé is one of the 2% to 3% that gets the interview, you risk the cycle of:

No interviews

No job offers

Be the 2% that wins the interview!


will help you


The computer bots (a.k.a. ATS) are nasty little buggers and reject about 75%+ of résumés before they even get to the human. That’s good news for you because it means that your 200+ competitors are in the same boat. But you’ll have a distinct advantage when you create a  résumé using the tactics shown in Résumés That Convert. The bots will give it a two thumbs up and pass it on to the human reader who’s looking for someone just like you.


Résumés That Convert will help you create a résumé that makes you outshine the 200+ other applicants who might be technically more qualified than you – but it doesn’t matter. Their crappy résumés will shut them out of the process while you slide into the interview chair because you had a better résumé that got the hiring authority’s attention.


The human reader has many reasons they want to hit the delete button. Don’t give them one. Résumés That Convert will walk you through all the “right stuff” you need in your résumé that impresses the crap out of the hiring manager so YOU become one of the 2% to 3% who defies the odds to make it to the interview stage.


Résumés That Convert will show you how to uncover and sell your value which most people don’t have the confidence or know-how to do which is why they don’t get interviews or the job. When you’re able to show why the employer should interview and hire you, they will.


Résumés That Convert will give you the tools and feedback to make a résumé that FINALLY makes you look as good as you really are (maybe even better). When you read it, you’ll think “Wow! Why wouldn’t someone hire me?!”  You’ll feel confident sending out your résumé, knowing that when you get the interview, you’ll be able to sell your value which is a big step towards landing your dream job.

Hi! I’m Diana

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from my 20+ years’ experience in recruitment, career coaching, copywriting, and sales/marketing and channeled it into a comprehensive, step-by-step résumé writing course.

Not only does the course show you how to do something – it also tells you why you are doing it. When you understand the why, it helps make everything much more clear so that you can create a résumé that has a higher chance of converting into INTERVIEWS!

Diana was a pleasure to work with. Her kind and friendly demeanor made me feel comfortable during our coaching session where I received so much value. She explained the online job screening process, how to overcome the hurdles of these processes, and provided me with a clear, well-structured résumé showcasing my strongest talents and core competencies.

Brian A


RÉSUMÉS THAT CONVERT is a unique program that lets you select the level of personalized help you really need.

No wasting money with features you don’t need.  

You can choose between the Self-Starter Plus or the Job Landing Accelerator packages depending on how much help you want. 

Both packages come with the same video lessons and downloadable resources to help you write your résumé. The difference is the level of personalized help you get.

Self-Starter Plus offers a 15-minute résumé critique that will give you customized feedback about your newly-created document so you can make further improvements to it. There’s a lot that can be critiqued in 15 minutes!

Job Landing Accelerator offers full-length résumé critiques and 1:1 coaching to give you the help you need to generate more interviews and land the job.

No wasting time trying to find answers online.  

Both packages give you detailed, step-by-step instruction, tools and guidance from Diana to help you craft the most kick-ass résumé possible.


will answer a multitude of questions that have been keeping you stuck, such as: 

What résumé format is best for my situation?

Where do keywords go?

What do I lead with and showcase?

What do I include and exclude?

What design elements can I use?

How do I express my achievements?

Do I need to keep my résumé to one page?

How do I make my résumé stand out?

The end result?

An incredibly valuable interview-attraction weapon you can deploy when you’re making your next move.

Create a résumé that converts into interviews

BUT, here’s the real kicker…

The course keeps delivering value even after you’ve completed it!

As you go through the process of writing your résumé, you’ll uncover your UNIQUE VALUE PROPOSITION.

Once you’ve got a handle on your UVP, you can articulate it in:

  your résumé which transforms it from a boring, career “obituary” into an interview magnet

  your cover letter which will make the human actually want to read your résumé

  your Linkedin profile so you can attract the right kind of opportunities and interest that you actually want to attract

  your networking emails and phone calls so you can get a positive response

  your elevator pitch so you can entice the listener to want to learn more about what you have to offer

  interviews so you can get closer to securing that JOB OFFER

Knowing exactly what your UVP is and being able to express it clearly, is what’s needed to turn your résumé from mind-numbing to memorable.

Craft a résumé that gets to the top of the "Must Call" pile

Diana is extremely well versed and knowledgeable in the recruitment process and knows exactly what needs to be done to get your résumé to the top of the recruiter’s pile. She is very detail oriented and spent lots of time with me in order to understand everything about the industry I’m in and where I’m trying to go in my career. Diana delivers on her promises and puts in the work to help you create a truly unique résumé that WILL be noticed by recruiters in your industry. It was a pleasure to work with Diana and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to for a professional to assist them with improving their résumé.

Category Management

is a unique program that:


No fluff.  No filler. No pointless anecdotes.  No unnecessary content just to make the course look bigger and better than it really is. 


Résumés That Convert breaks down the detailed information over bite-sized lessons and provides resources that enable you to craft a knock-out résumé minus the stressful guesswork.


When you need a job, you need that job NOW. Résumés That Convert is designed to help you produce a job-ready résumé in as little as a weekend.

All the lessons and tools are waiting for you from day one. If you’re really motivated, you could plow through the material from Friday to Sunday and send out your résumé on Monday.

If you’re not in a rush, you can take more time to get it done. It’s up to you.


Résumés That Convert will tell you how to articulate your “secret sauce” and use it throughout your document which is the critical thing it needs to go from disqualified to qualified. 


Feel like an idiot trying to write your résumé?  Don’t worry, you’re not alone (and you’re NOT an idiot!). Without expert guidance, writing a powerful résumé can be frustrating. 

Résumés That Convert will walk you through the process and give you the tools you need to produce a résumé that has a higher chance of converting into interviews.


Yes, Résumés That Convert is idiot-proof but in case you’re afraid you’re going to mess it up, it offers personalized feedback to help you produce the most powerful résumé possible.

You choose between a personalized, 15-minute résumé critique or full-length critiques and 1:1 coaching sessions. That way, you’re not paying for something you don’t need.

Are you ready to create a stand-out résumé in as little as a weekend WITHOUT the stress of the dreaded “Blank Page Syndrome”?

Get started on that with 



Offered to the first 50 people who enroll by 11pm Eastern Sun Dec 8 2019


Select your package (see below)

After you hit the enroll button, you will be taken to a check-out box. Click the link “Have a coupon?” and enter the coupon code LAUNCHDISCOUNT


This will help you make sure that you have included all the right stuff to propel your résumé to the top of the “Must Call” pile.

EXPRESS YOUR VALUE Cheat Sheet with Template:

This will help you create attention-grabbing value statements that you can use in your résumé,  cover letter and Linkedin profile. You can also use the value statements during networking situations to come up with a much more interesting answer when someone asks you “What do you do?”  or “Tell me about yourself”.

Choose the level of help you need

Both packages include the same video lessons and course materials to help you create an interview-worthy résumé.

The difference between the two packages is the amount of personalized help offered.

If you’re looking for a little help


Self-Starter PLUS

Click here to join Self-Starter Plus

Includes mini résumé critique


You get all the step-by-step video lessons and downloadable materials to help you craft the most interview-snagging résumé possible. All materials are available to you from day one. All you need is a reliable internet connection.


You get unlimited access to stream the lessons on a secure 3rd party platform.


A pro writer approved résumé template to make it easy to create your document that is designed to appeal to both the computer ATS and human reader


Worksheets that will help you write your résumé

Samples that show you what compelling content looks like so you can create your own

Checklists and Cheat Sheets that provide more help if you need it

Updates to the course as they are made available


Mini Résumé Critique (15 min)

You’ll complete your résumé and Diana will review it within 90 days after purchase.

Diana will focus on assessing the résumé “sweet spot” and will give you feedback about where improvements need to be made so you can make the necessary changes. Feedback will be delivered via video.

If you want a full résumé review, please take a look at the Job Landing Accelerator package.

If you enroll in this package and want to upgrade to the Job Landing Accelerator package, please contact Diana at for more information.

Click here to join Self-Starter Plus

Total Value of Course + Bonuses:  $374

You pay only: $197  $167*

* Prices are in USD.  Discount is available until Sun Dec 8 2019 (11pm Eastern). Use the coupon code LAUNCHDISCOUNT at checkout *

Click here to join SELF-STARTER PLUS!

Full Terms and Conditions   |   Refund Policy

If you’re looking for a lot of help


Job Landing Accelerator


Includes full résumé critiques and 1:1 coaching


You get all the step-by-step video lessons and downloadable materials to help you craft the most interview-snagging résumé possible. All materials are available to you from day one. All you need is a reliable internet connection.


You get unlimited access to stream the lessons on a secure 3rd party platform.


A pro writer approved résumé template to make it easy to create your document that is designed to appeal to both the computer ATS and human reader

Worksheets that will help you write your résumé

Samples that show you what compelling content looks like so you create your own 

Checklists and Cheat Sheets that provide more help if you need it

Updates to the course as they are made available


The document reviews and coaching will be completed 90 days after you purchase the course.

Résumé Critique of First Draft (30 min)

You will receive a full review of the first draft of your completed résumé to determine which sections need improvement and what needs to be done to make it better. Feedback will be delivered by a video that can be streamed and downloaded.

Job Posting Review (30 min)

A review of one job posting which will be compared against the first draft of your new résumé. Feedback will be provided to help you tailor your résumé to the job posting.

Résumé Critique of Final Draft (30 min)

After you have made the recommended improvements to the first draft, your final draft will be reviewed before you send it out. You will be given further tips on where to improve it.  This will be delivered via video.

1:1 Coaching – Ask Any Questions (30 min)

You will be given the opportunity to ask whatever questions you like relating to your résumé and/or overall job search. You can use this session to provide you with more feedback about your résumé.  Conducted via video call.

1:1 CoachingHow to 10X Job Landing Success (30 min) 

 You will be coached on how to network effectively on Linkedin to multiply your chances of getting interviews by 10X which will help you land the job sooner than later. Conducted via video call.

Résumé Templates (3-pack)

You are given extra templates that take the guesswork out of where to put your information. They are attractive and ATS-friendly “plug and play” design that will help your résumé appeal to the picky computer bots and human reader.

Coaching sessions and document reviews must be completed within 90 days of making the purchase. Please review the Refund Policy and Terms and Conditions.


Total Value of Course + Bonuses:  $989

You pay only: $497  $422*

* Prices are in USD.  Discount is available until Sun Dec 8 2019 (11pm Eastern). Use the coupon code LAUNCHDISCOUNT at checkout *


Full Terms and Conditions   |   Refund Policy


THAT CONVERT is a no-brainer investment

You'll benefit from a MASSIVE return on your investment (ROI)!

Before you decide to invest in something or not, you should crunch the numbers.

The fact is, the cost of the course is really a drop in the bucket compared to what it’s really costing you to not get the job you want in a timely fashion – or not at all.

What is NOT getting the job costing YOU?

Money? Work/life balance? Easier commute? Better work environment? Job security? Career advancement? 

There is a cost that goes beyond just dollars…

(Click on the box below to learn more)

Click here to learn about what it's REALLY costing you...

Even if you’re gainfully employed but you’re “looking” there’s something you’re not currently happy with and want to improve.

What is that something?

Now, here’s why you need to look at some numbers to determine what NOT landing your dream job is actually costing you.

According to stats, the average time a person is between jobs is close to 6 months. That’s largely because they are using the typical, generic résumé and are relying on applying to jobs online.

Therefore, if you’re making $60K per year, you’re losing about $30K not to mention any applicable benefits and bonuses. Even if you look at the after tax amount and factor in employment insurance (if you’re eligible), it’s still a considerable amount of money that’s lost.

Now, when you use a powerful, modern résumé, you can significantly boost your chances of landing your desired position by attracting more interviews.

Would it not make sense to spend $197 or $497 to land the job sooner than 6 months?

Even if you shaved off only 1 month of time in between jobs, you will have saved about $5K which would pay for the course multiple times.

Here’s another way to look at it:

When you land that $60K job using the new résumé that you created using the  Job Landing Accelerator package, the investment of $497 represents only 0.83% of the salary. The ROI is over 100X. That’s huge! To spend $497 to get $60K is an amazing, low-risk investment.

The point is, the cost of the course is well worth the money because it can help boost your chances of landing your target job sooner than later.

Regardless of what your why is for seeking another opportunity, NOT securing your desired position as soon as you can is just prolonging whatever situation you’re trying to leave.

Make sense?

You'll spend way less than hiring a professional résumé writing service

If you’re thinking you can get someone to write your résumé cheaper than the cost of the course, be careful with that.


You can pay $100 or you can pay $1,000+ for a résumé – it depends on how much quality and results you want.

A “budget” résumé is created using a “one-size-fits-all” template and cookie-cutter content that produces a generic résumé.

You can do that by yourself using free info off the net.

There is no in-depth 1:1 consultation, no research, no job search strategy. You might get a pretty looking document with some keywords if you’re lucky. It won’t sell your value, can’t get past the ATS, and will likely attract little to no interviews.

(Click on the box below to learn more)

Click to to learn more...

A premium custom-branded résumé is my specialty and what you could hire me to create for you.

After having a lengthy 1:1 consult with you, I would determine the strategy that makes sense based on your needs and job target. It would be designed to attract interviews by getting past the computer bots and selling you to the employer as a strong fit for the role.

A premium service is well worth the investment but much higher than the cost of the course. Plus, I have limited availability.

A good compromise is to learn how to do this yourself even if it costs more than paying for a budget service. That way, you know how to tailor it for each job you apply to, rather than paying for someone to do this each time which can get expensive.

More importantly, you’ll learn that life-long skill of knowing how to communicate your UVP verbally and in writing which is invaluable.

How much is your career worth?

$197?  $497?


How to claim the limited-time 15% discount and bonuses.

Enter the coupon code LAUNCHDISCOUNT at checkout.

Discount and bonuses offered to the first 50 people who enroll by 11pm Eastern Sun Dec 8 2019


This will help you make sure that you have included all the right stuff to propel your résumé to the top of the “Must Call” pile.

EXPRESS YOUR VALUE Cheat Sheet with Template:

This will help you create attention-grabbing value statements that you can use verbally and in writing.

My 3rd Interview was successful and I’m the preferred candidate! They just need to do a background check and call references of course. Thanks for your tips, Diana! Your help gave me more confidence and made me think about potential answers to questions.
Leanne D

Healthcare Professional

Not sure yet? No problem!

The most common questions are answered below

☟  ☟  ☟  ☟  ☟  ☟  ☟

Why do I need a résumé? I've heard that the résumé is "dead".
This rumour has been circulating on the internet for years but is unfounded. In most cases, you need a résumé to apply for a job, whether it’s online or through networking. There are at least 12 reasons why you need a résumé which is addressed in one of the course lessons.
What if I'm not a good writer? Can I still do the course?
You don’t have to be a great writer to create a great résumé. It’s more about being clear than eloquent. That being said, you need to have a good command of the language and understand accepted grammar and make sure everything is spelled correctly. If you are unsure if you would be a suitable candidate for the course, you can book a complimentary call with Diana to discuss further. Just scroll down the page to book your call.
How do I know if the résumé I write is strong enough to send out?

If you view all the lessons, complete all the worksheets, review all the resources, use the templates, and do everything as instructed, there’s no reason why you can’t create a strong résumé.  If you sign up for premium level, your document will be reviewed and improvements will be recommended to ensure it is ready to send out. If you purchase the Self-Starter Plus package you will get the 15-minuite résumé critique which will provide you with some feedback to help you make further improvements.

What if I get stuck and don’t understand something or need additional help?
If you sign up for the premium level, you will have 1:1 help to get your questions answered. If you have some kind of technical issue with the course or have a general question about the resources, video lessons, etc., you can email your questions to Diana at and type “Resumes That Convert” in the email subject line.
Why is there a $300 price jump from the first to second level?

That’s a GREAT question!  The recommended package is the Job Landing Accelerator because it offers much more personalized help and 1:1 coaching. Fact is, even the most astute jobseeker will have questions specific to their situation. The Self-Starter Plus level was added as an option for people who are on a very tight budget or those who are 100% confident they can create a powerful résumé that generates interviews without the comprehensive critiques and 1:1 coaching.

What if I signed up for the Job Landing Accelerator level but I want to downgrade?
The program levels are sold as packages with deep discounts. Downgrading is complicated and is therefore not offered at this time. It is recommended that you purchase the most suitable package from the start. If you are unsure what you need, you can schedule a complimentary discovery call with Diana to discuss what would be the best option for you. Scroll to the bottom of the page to book your call.
What is your cancellation policy for 1:1 sessions?
A minimum of 1 business day notice is required to cancel an appointment.  Therefore, a Monday appointment must be cancelled by the previous Friday. Please review the Terms and Conditions for more information.
What are the days and times for the 1:1 coaching sessions?
Business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm Eastern Time Zone. Coaching calls are typically conducted during regular business hours, so make sure that you are available in your time zone for the call. If you require a different day and/or time, you can make a request and best efforts will be made to accommodate you.
Why do I have to do the work if I want a refund? That seems unfair.
That’s a great question and one I’m happy to answer.  The people I want to attract to the course are action takers who are prepared to invest the time into doing all of the lessons, completing the worksheets, and completing their résumé so that they can start networking and applying to jobs to ideally get the results they are seeking. The guarantee policy is not meant to be punitive, but rather, to discourage “tire-kickers” who aren’t motivated to complete the course and get results which is a waste of everyone’s time. I’m confident that anyone who is serious about learning and taking action will get a lot of value out of the course which means that they won’t need the guarantee – it’s really just there for the few cases that might warrant a refund. Please review the Terms and Conditions page and the Refund Policy page for more details.
I’m really busy. How long will it take me to create my résumé?
That depends entirely on YOU. If you are confident in your writing abilities, have all of your employment information at your fingertips, and can clear your schedule, you might be able to complete the course and have at least the first draft of your résumé written over a weekend (Fri to Sun). However, it’s strongly recommended that you take the time to get it done properly. You will get better results this way.
What kind of results can be guaranteed?

Like ANY program, results will vary from person to person and will depend on numerous factors such as your job function, level of experience, industry, job search strategy (online applications versus networking), among many other things. To optimize results, it’s recommended that you engage in the Job Landing Accelerator level to get your questions answered and to receive 1:1 coaching and full-length document reviews. Also, using the résumé as part of a proactive networking strategy will produce much better results than relying on applying to jobs online which is a passive approach. For more information about the course, please review:  Full Terms and Conditions   |   Refund Policy

What makes RESUMES THAT CONVERT different and better than other courses?

I can’t speak for “other courses out there”. All I can do is tell you that RTC is created by a career professional with a 15+ year background in recruitment which includes understanding what HR, recruiters, and hiring managers are looking for in a résumé. The course is comprehensive and offers detailed information,  step-by-step instruction, and downloadable resources. You get a bonus mini, 15-minute résumé critique with the Self-Starter Plus level and much more personalized help and 1:1 coaching with the Job Landing Accelerator level. I don’t know of any courses like this “out there” that offer this kind of valuable support for only $197 and $497. They are typically much more expensive, especially if you want any kind of personalized help.

Why should I pay to do my own résumé when I can get someone to write it for me for the same or less money?
I am soooo glad you asked that question! Résumé services  range from poor to great and fees will range from cheap to expensive. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!  Beware of budget services where you can’t talk to a human. They typically farm out their service to 3rd party writers who are paid poorly and spend very little time actually writing your résumé. They create what is largely a generic résumé and make it look impressive by using a fancy template that can actually get your résumé rejected by the ATS. This is NOT what you want – you need a custom-branded document that is tailored for your target field.  The expensive services usually offer more personalized help and create career marketing documents that use current and leading-edge résumé writing strategies. Even if you were to hire a good writer to do it for you, it’s going to cost you many  HUNDREDS (maybe $1000+) of dollars for something that you are going to have to modify for different jobs. It’s more cost effective to learn how to do it yourself instead of having to pay someone each time you need a new résumé. You’ll make back the investment as soon as you land the job, so don’t worry.
What exactly am I getting when I sign up for RESUMES THAT CONVERT?

You get the video lessons and downloadable resources (worksheets, checklists, templates, samples. etc.) regardless of which package you choose.  If you join the Job Landing Accelerator level, you get one-on-one help (coaching/consultation, full-length résumé /document reviews)  to ensure that the résumé you produce is a solid career marketing tool. If you join the Self-Starter Plus level, you get the mini résumé critque. If you aren’t sure which level to go with, you can book a complimentary discovery call with Diana to discuss. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to book your call.

What if I want to upgrade to the Job Landing Accelerator level?
The program levels are sold as  packages with deep discounts. If you decide after the fact that you want to upgrade to the Job Landing Accelerator level,  please email Diana at about purchasing a 1:1 coaching add-on. It will cost more to do it this way, so it’s recommended to purchase the most suitable package from day one. You can schedule a complimentary discovery call with Diana to determine which package is best for you. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to book your call.
When can I book my coaching calls?

While best efforts are made to accommodate your preferred days and times, the 1:1 coaching is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. It’s recommended to reserve your 1:1 sessions as soon as you can. Times are in EST/EDT (Eastern).  Please review: Full Terms and Conditions   |   Refund Policy

How long do I have to redeem the coaching sessions and document reviews?
All coaching, consultation, and résumé /document reviews must be used up within 90 days from the date the course was purchased. This is more than enough time to complete the résumé  and redeem all of the services. This policy is put in place to encourage people to use all of their services so that they can achieve results sooner than later. After the deadline, an additional fee will apply to book any un-used coaching/document review sessions.  Please review:  Full Terms and Conditions   |   Refund Policy
English is not my native language. Will I still be able to do the course?
The program is delivered in English and teaches you how to create a résumé in English therefore you will get the best results if you can express yourself well in writing in English. If you are not confident in your English writing skills, you can schedule a complimentary discovery call with Diana to discuss further to determine if the course is right for you. Scroll down the page to book your call.

I’ll be honest, I was a little skeptical in the beginning when I was contacted by Diana. After discussing how out-dated my résumé was and that I shouldn’t be surprised that no one was reaching out to me, I decided I would take her up on her professional services.  WOW!!  Am I glad I did! There is no comparison to the way my résumé reads now. It truly tells my story of my accomplishments, work history and showcases things that recruiters are looking for. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to improve their résumé.

Mike R

Business Development Director, Food Production Industry

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Let the experts do their job – you won’t regret it. The experience of working with Diana was amazing – from our initial conversation to the development of the résumé, cover letter, LinkedIn profile. The tips and advice she provided throughout the process proved to be a great resource for my job search. One of the highlights of this process was her enthusiasm while exploring my achievements. She is very detailed oriented and wanted to know about my personal and professional life in order to understand not only my professional accomplishments but also my personality so she that she could project it in the documents. I am really impressed by the quality of the documents she provided me and how accurate and compelling the content was.

Luis L

Senior Manufacturing Engineer

Who should NOT buy this course

Don’t buy this course if:

  • You’re not going to take action and complete your résumé
  • You’re not going to complete the document reviews and coaching within the 90 day period
  • You’re secretly afraid of landing your dream job (that’s actually a thing)

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“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”

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This will help you make sure that you have included all the right stuff to propel your résumé to the top of the “Must Call” pile.

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It was a privilege working with Diana Foster. I highly recommend her services if you need help with your résumé or job search. Being an experienced recruiter, Diana knew what improvements were needed to get my résumé to the top of the pile. With her outgoing and charming personality, she makes you feel valued by showing you what you have to offer a potential employer. 
Russ M

Sales Professional