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Most résumés have about a 6% chance of being considered for the interview. 


How will yours stack up against the competition?



According to industry experts, about 75% of the résumés never make it past the dreaded employer’s applicant tracking system (ATS). The ATS  scans, scores, ranks, and stores résumés that are uploaded online.

To add insult to injury, the human reader reportedly rejects another 75% of the 25% that were lucky enough to get past the ATS.

To complicate things even further, the human reader spends on average about 6 seconds scanning the résumé. The ones that grab their immediate attention and generate interest are the ones that are put to the side.

The whole point of this process is to filter OUT as many résumés as possible to drill down to a manageable “short list”.

I’ll let you know if your résumé has a fighting chance 

So, before you send your résumé anywhere, I recommend you send it to me first. I’ll give it the industry “6-second scan” and let you know how likely it will make it through the first two filters.

Yes, I personally review your document. I don’t have résumé review fairies working over here (although sometimes I wish I did)  🙂

There are only two options – your résumé is either gonna make it through the filters or not. Kind of like you’re either pregnant or you’re not. It’s one or the other.


What you get with the free, 6-second scan résumé review


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  • A 14-point check list which will help you determine where your résumé needs improvement


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