The 32-point Résumé Inspection

The only (and last!) résumé review you'll need!


( Can you relate? 

You’re actively pounding the pavement for a new job or passively looking in case something amazing comes up.

So you dust off your résumé and make some updates based on what you learned online. Maybe you even pay a service to write it for you. Whatever the case, you start applying to jobs.


But there’s clearly a problem with your résumé

You’re getting little to NO interviews

✘ You’re getting interviews but they’re not the “right” kind

You’re getting confusing and conflicting feedback about your résumé


If one of these is you, you’re in the right place!

You’d love to make improvements to your résumé but you have NO idea where to start (largely due to the conflicting information).

You’re open to hiring a pro writer but you don’t want to spend the money until you know exactly where your résumé needs to be improved. 

Ideally, you want to make the improvements yourself. I get that!


Hang tight….help is on the way!

Hi, I’m Diana and I’m here to help you end your résumé frustration once and for all.

I’m a professional personal branding expert with a 10+ year track record in recruitment with a deep understanding of sales and marketing. For more information on my background please visit the “about me” web page.


Get your job search on the right track

Sign up for the 32-point Résumé Inspection and get a handle on your job search.

After I thoroughly assess your résumé, you’ll be in a much better position to increase your chances of being selected for the interview.

My personalized feedback will let you know how well your document meets best-in-class résumé writing principles and where improvements need to be made.

This is super important because most résumés don’t make it past the computer applicant tracking software systems (ATS).

Even if your résumé is one of the lucky ones to get over the first hurdle, the human reader takes as little as 6 seconds to skim your document and has numerous elimination criteria. 

These two unforgiving filters are why MOST résumés never get on the hiring managers’ desks!

So you can see why it’s critical that your résumé is strong right out of the gate – you don’t have a second chance to make a strong, first impression.


What’s included in this limited-time offer:

An actual human reviews your reviews your résumé (that would be me!)

A review of one job posting (of the target position) to help determine what improvements need to be made to the résumé so that it better matches the job ad   

✔  A thorough video “walk-through” of your résumé that analyzes 32 different areas

✔  Feedback on the areas that need improvement (there will be some for sure!)

✔  Resources I have at my disposal such as links to articles/videos, worksheets, samples, and/or templates that will help you make the necessary improvements 

Please note:  I will review the first 1100 words of your résumé which is about 2 pages. If you want me to review more than that, there will be a surcharge.


How the Résumé Inspection will help you:

►  You’ll know exactly where your résumé needs improvement

►  You’ll know where you’re doing things correctly

►  You’ll get a better understanding of the function and importance of critical areas of your résumé

►  You’ll be able to fix your document on your own now that you have a better understanding of what makes an effective résumé

►  You’ll be more clear on what your unique value is and will be better equipped to articulate that during an interview

►  You’ll know if you should invest in a pro résumé writer and if they’re giving you the “straight goods”

►  You’ll know if you should invest in taking the résumé writing course that will be released in the fall of 2019 (Ask Diana for details)


You’ll gain insight of how well your résumé will perform based on my feedback

✔  Does your résumé tell a compelling story about your experience that will grab the hiring manager’s attention?

✔   Is your entire document effectively targeted to support the job function, industry, and type of transition?

✔   Are you using a modern format that is appropriate for your situation?

✔   Is your résumé easy to scan by the ATS systems and human eye?

✔  Are you showcasing your unique value proposition throughout the document?

✔  Are your impact statements clear, compelling, and concise?

✔  Does your résumé include strategies that will help it get past the ATS systems?


……plus much more!


My personal, no b.s. quality guarantee:

Rest assured, I don’t farm out my work to 3rd parties and I don’t rely on Artificial Intelligence or computer algorithms to do this inspection for me. I’m giving you 100% of my undivided and unbiased attention.


This limited-time offer costs way less than you think!


I’m offering the Résumé Inspection for only $197 ($324 value)


I’m NOT kidding – it’s only $197. I’ve seen similar services as much as $400+, so this is a steal.


Reserve your spot now before the price increases and the spots get booked up!


Let’s get started:

Step 1: Email me your most current résumé to Diana at  I need to make sure that this service will be beneficial to you.  (Phone: 647-778-9995)

Step 2: Once I’ve determined I can help you, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to make payment to activate the service. Yes, it’s only $197!

Step 3: You’ll receive the 32-point Résumé Inspection video critique within 2 business days after your payment was received (your résumé must be submitted prior to payment). ** Please note, that I will critique the first 1100 words which is about 2 pages **

Step 4: You might be asked to complete a client feedback questionnaire which will help ensure that the feedback and help you are given is most relevant to your situation.

For more information and to order the service, contact Diana:  (Phone:  647-778-9995)


The $197 price won’t last forever and space is limited, so reserve your spot today!


To order the service, email your résumé to Diana at  (Phone: 647-778-9995)

Hi! I’m Diana.  

I work with career-minded people who want to stand out as the best candidate so they can land a new job or promotion.

They know they need to invest in an expertly-written résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn to “wow” Recruiters and Hiring Managers but don’t have the time or know-how that’s required.

I create attention-grabbing documents and profiles that help get them in the door and then coach them on how to ace the interviews.  

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