If you’re a Linkedin user, you need to know about a feature that was implemented with a problematic default setting that keeps it turned in the “on” position until you turn it off – which is what I recommend.

The feature is Resume Assistant.  It’s an AI writing tool that integrates Microsoft Word with Linkedin that I talked about in a February blog that you can read here.

Here’s the implication

If this feature remains in the “yes” setting, you have in effect given millions of Resume Assistant users permission to incorporate your Linkedin content into their résumé, Linkedin profile, and any other career marketing documents of their choosing.

If you don’t disable the feature, the content that you’ve carefully crafted in your summary and elsewhere in your profile can potentially be “pulled into” the Resume Assistant platform as “recommended work experience” that gives users “ideas of what they might want to consider for their résumé”.  That’s code for “go forth and plagiarize”.

Why enabling this feature can hurt you

The effectiveness of your Linkedin profile and résumé depends largely on how well they set you apart from your competitors.

By allowing others the opportunity to cut and paste your personal information into their documents/profiles, it greatly reduces the uniqueness of your content.

If you’ve invested a lot of time and energy into creating strong, accomplishment-based content, you don’t want to just give it away to people!  Especially if you paid a professional to write it for you.

By keeping Resume Assistant enabled, not only are you significantly increasing the chances of your profile content being copied verbatim, you are actually giving permission to Linkedin/Resume Assistant and its users to do so.

Why make it easy for people?  Disable the sharing function to make it a lot harder for others to steal your Linkedin content.

How to disable Resume Assistant

Step 1 ►  Log into your desktop Linkedin account.

Step 2 ►  Click “Me” located near the top right where the circle is that contains your photo or the default image.

Step 3 ►  Under “Account”, click  “Settings & Privacy”.

Step 4 ►  Click “Privacy”.

Step 5 ►  Scroll down to the “How others see your profile and network information” section and click on “Microsoft Word”.

The default setting is “Yes — “Allow Microsoft Word to display work experience descriptions from your profile to users of Resume Assistant.”

Step 6 ► Change the Microsoft Word setting to “No” to keep Linkedin from sharing your descriptions with Microsoft Word users.  Just slide the default “Yes” so it shows “No”.

How to set the mobile app

You can also change this setting in the Linkedin mobile app. In the app, go to the “Settings” gear in the upper right-hand corner and click “Privacy”. Scroll down to “Microsoft Word” and display the setting. Change the slider to “No”.

There is a caveat…..

Even after you’ve disabled the sharing of your content with the Resume Assistant, Linkedin’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Service explicitly warn users that the information that you share can be seen, copied, and used by other members.

The best way to prevent your content from being stolen

One of the best things you can do to keep your content from being plagiarized is to make it uniquely about you — branding yourself so distinctively that your content couldn’t possibly be used to describe anyone else but you!  

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