So, you wanna make a total career change?

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of clients who want to do a complete 180.

They’re either contemplating a different job function, different industry, or both. Some are even considering starting their own business.

These are obviously much bigger changes than making a  “lateral” move into the same or similar job function and/or industry.

Here’s what you’ll be up against

Even if you have a great work history, having little to no experience in the field you want to get into comes with some obstacles.

Why?  Employers want to know that if they hire you, you’re going to:

  1. Understand the job (you know what the requirements are)
  2. Be able to do the job (you’ve got the skills, experience, other credentials, and attributes)
  3. Do the job (you’re motivated and have a strong work ethic)
  4. Not be a hiring risk (you’ll do a great job and won’t quit too soon)

If you can’t demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can fulfil those four criteria, you’ll have more chances of winning the lottery.

What are your options?

So, what do you do? Forget the whole thing and stay in a job you are bored with – or worse –  hate?

Absolutely not. Many people have been successful at making total career changes.  Me included.

But it wasn’t easy. And that would probably be the understatement of the century (especially going from working for someone else to becoming an entrepreneur).

Before you consider making a change, do this first

Start with answering the most important (and obvious) question before you quit your job and embark on a major career change.

It’s a question that surprisingly few people ask themselves but should.

The question is:


What’s prompting you to make such a big change?

The more you can get crystal clear on what’s the main motivating factor, the more successful you will be at making the transition.

Does the issue start with your current situation?

If it’s your current work situation that’s prompting you to make a move, that’s a good place to start, but what does that mean exactly and why?

Are you not happy with:

Your job duties and responsibilities?  Why?

The industry? Why?

The company culture? Why?

Your direct manager? Why?

Your compensation package? Why?

The hours?  Why?

The location? Why?

Which scenario is yours?

For instance, if the type of role is the problem and everything else is pretty good, then maybe you can pivot into another position within the same company or the same industry.

Or, if the problem is the company culture, you can target similar roles with other companies in the same industry.

Those two scenarios would be a fairly straight forward transition. Not a 180.

However, if you genuinely hate what you do and the industry, that would require moving into something that’s completely different.  That’s a 180 and you need a much more robust strategy to get you there.

The worst reason to make a change

If your number one reason is to run away from something without having a genuine passion or commitment to what you’re leaving for – that’s not a good scenario.

You’ll end up hopping from one field to another. While you might become a jack of all trades, you become a master of  none.

As some point (after the fourth or fifth change), you’ll end up with a work history that has no logical progression. Employers hate that.  They want to see a career development that makes sense and shows some forethought and commitment to a particular direction.

I get that you might not be happy in your current position, but without having a great reason why you want to go from job A to job Z, you’ll be hopping from one to the next, looking for that elusive “dream job” (and you don’t even know what that is).

The best reason to make a change

What you want to be is 100% certain that you’re genuinely interested in a specific field for all the right reasons.

For instance, you envision yourself in job Z all the time. You dream about it. Every time you think about it, it makes you feel great.

You might even like your current job A, but you would much prefer to do Z.

You’ve done the research. You know what’s involved in going from job A to Z. You understand the pros and cons and you’re committed to making it work.

You know it will probably be challenging and could even feel insurmountable but you’re mentally prepared for that. You’ll take the risk.

You’re on the right track – you’re running towards something!

Define your target field

Now that you’ve established that you are indeed running towards something, you must determine exactly what your niche is.

The more you can finely target the type of role, industry, and company, the more successful your job search will be.

Throwing too wide a net is actually counter-productive and will produce much less results than going niche.

Create a career change résumé, cover letter, and Linkedin profile

Once you know what your niche is, only then can you create your career marketing collateral. These are the tools you’ll need to market your value proposition that’s relevant to your target “market”.

Developing a strong résumé, cover letter, and Linkedin profile are essential to any job search and especially in the case of a career change. They must communicate your unique value proposition effectively so that the employer can “connect the dots” immediately and see how you could make the transition from A to Z.

The problem is, most people struggle with creating custom branded documents and profiles for a lateral move, much less for a more complicated career change. It requires a well thought out strategy to fill in the experience, skills, and knowledge “gaps”.

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