"Make Your Résumé An Interview Magnet"

How To Customize Your Résumé To Help You Stand Out, Get Noticed, And Get Hired!


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If you’re like most people, you’re not getting the response to your résumé that you’d like. How frustrating is that?   Your résumé, while possibly well written, is probably suffering from  “genericitis”.

ge-ne-ri-cit-is  | n. | a common disease found in a large percentage of résumés which renders them boring and/or confusing and in some cases, virtually unreadable.  Typically prompts the reader to skip over several chunks of content. Or worse, immediately delete them.

I’ve put together over 10 pages of valuable tips on how to customize your résumé to the job description.  This is no longer an option in today’s competitive job market – it’s an absolute necessity!

With the job search landscape being as competitive as it is, you have to stand out in the crowd and then grab immediate attention and interest of the recruiter, hiring manager, and HR.  Customizing your résumé can help you achieve that by showing WHY you are the “perfect fit” for the job.

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