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Here's my story.....

You’re serious about your career.


It’s not just how you pay the bills, it’s your profession.

You’re either actively pounding the pavement looking for work or you’re employed and sending out feelers for a better opportunity. Or maybe you’re not looking at all but you want to have a knock-out resume standing by in case you find yourself suddenly out of a job.

Whatever the case, you realize that you need a résumé and Linkedin profile that’s going to attract enough interviews to help you land your dream job. The problem is, you’re not sure if what you currently have is good enough to get the kind of attention you deserve.

Maybe you’ve already sent out quite a few résumés but have received little to no response. Or maybe you’re afraid to start because you’ve heard the horror stories and don’t want to get your job search off on the wrong foot and waste precious time.

In any case, you get the sneaking suspicion you need help.

Hi!  I’m Diana.


I work with career-minded people who want to stand out as the best candidate so they can land a new job or promotion.

They know they need to invest in an expertly-written résumé, cover letter, and LinkedIn to “wow” the Recruiters and Hiring Managers but might not have the time or know-how that’s required.

I create attention-grabbing documents and profiles that help get them in the door and then coach them on how to ace the interviews.


My Journey From Recruitment to Résumé Writing


After being at home raising my kids for nine years, I got a phone call from a woman I had met years before at a mom’s group who owned a recruitment agency. She was expanding and needed someone immediately.  She thought I’d be a great fit because of my strong sales and marketing experience from the motion picture industry as well as my entrepreneurial flare (I used to operate a yoga business and was a personal chef).  I accepted the position and launched my career as an agency Recruiter back in 2005.


Addressing a Need


The part of recruiting that I enjoyed was marketing “talent” to potential Employers.  The problem was, most of the résumés that candidates sent me were not great, and that’s putting it mildly.  Even the ones written by so-called “professionals” were seriously lacking. I had to re-write most of them otherwise, the Employers would have rejected them on the spot.

Due to the internet, the sheer volume of résumés was increasing, so Employers were being brutal in their filtering process.  It was becoming an absolute necessity to have a stand-out résumé just to get noticed but the résumés weren’t getting any better.

After 10 years of reviewing, critiquing, improving, and re-writing literally thousands of (mostly crappy) résumés, I decided to shift my focus from working with the Employer to working with the Candidate. So I resigned from the agency world and launched my own business, Perfect Fit Résumé.


I’m more than just a Résumé Writer


With over 10 years experience as an agency Recruiter, working in the trenches, I know first-hand what Employers want to see in a résumé and it probably isn’t what you think. The job market today is much more competitive than even just a couple of years ago. It’s no longer good enough to send out the same task-oriented résumé and cut and paste it into your Linkedin profile.

Every successful job search starts with a strategy.  You need to know how to market yourself effectively to land the job. Drawing upon my sales. marketing and recruitment expertise, I can effectively position your unique “value proposition” to address the Employer’s “hiring pain”, motivating them to contact you for the interview.


Let me help you stand out and get noticed so you get hired.


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