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December is a busy month for many employers who are scrambling to fill job openings by the end of the calendar year. They want to use up the hiring funds from their year end budget otherwise they lose it.

If your intention was to get hired by the end of December, you probably should have started your job search in October or November at the latest. There is typically a minimum turnaround time from the date of application to the job offer. Read this article for more insight.

If you missed the window of opportunity to get hired by the end of the year, should you even bother starting a job search in December?


In fact, many would argue that December is one of the best times to launch a job search or at least lay the foundation so that when January rolls around, you’re ready to get going.

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Read this previous article about job search preparation in the new year.

Here’s a Job Search Preparation Checklist that you can review and download.

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#1:  Employers are still looking

Just because it’s the holidays season doesn’t mean companies stop looking.

In fact, they might even ramp it up during the holidays so they can fill vacancies by the end of the first quarter of the upcoming new year.

Employers who are serious about hiring someone want to get a jump start by reviewing résumés and ideally, talking to potential candidates in December. That way, by the time they get back to work in January, they have a short list of candidates to contact to get the interview process underway. In fact, some of them might actually interview over the holidays.

Even if employers and recruiters are taking holidays and possibly out of the country, that doesn’t mean they aren’t still glued to their phones, particularly if they have a role to fill.

They’ll check their emails to see if the “perfect candidate” résumé showed up which is why you should apply to jobs and reach out to hiring managers over the holidays.

#2:  It’s a good excuse to reach out

The holiday season is a good time to re-connect with industry contacts like former colleagues, previous employers, recruiters, and other decision makers or influencers as part of your networking strategy (yes, you should have a networking strategy).

Send them a message wishing them happy holidays and let them know about your employment situation. This is a good time to start a conversation and do some networking to uncover hidden jobs.

You really should be reaching out to people in your target industry for the purposes of doing career research and generating informational meetings.

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I wrote an article about the importance of networking and generating informational meetings that I recommend you review. 

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#3:  Holiday season parties aren’t just for fun

Industry and non-industry Christmas parties can be great places to network with people to find hidden jobs, talk to potential hiring managers, and get referrals of other people you should be talking to. Don’t rely on just applying to job postings.

While you don’t want to be annoying (there’s a fine line), there’s nothing wrong with broaching the subject about your job search and seeing where it goes. People are often willing to help in some way, especially if you ask nicely and can return the favour down the road.

Never go to a gathering without taking some business cards and even a networking document or full-length résumé. Someone might ask for it and if they don’t, you can offer it if you feel it’s an appropriate time.

#4:  Everyone is in a better mood

Christmas cheer is all around and people are generally in a better mood during the holiday season, especially after all the hoopla is over and things have settled down a bit.  

People are typically feeling a little more generous, so if you ask nicely you could end up scoring some informational meetings, an interview or at the very least get your résumé into the hiring manager’s or recruiter’s hands and a conversation started.

#5:  There’s less competition

Most people slow down or stop their job hunt for the holidays, so there is actually much less competition which is great for you especially if you are in a highly competitive industry.

There are less résumés for employers and recruiters to sift through so your document has a much better chance of being seen and selected provided you have created a strong accomplishment-based resume, cover letter, and Linkedin profile. You need all three!

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I recommend you read this article about how to create an accomplishment-based résumé which is a must-do!

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#6:  It’s the ideal time to set the foundation

If you’re not ready to apply to jobs, the holiday season is a great time to set the groundwork. This will help you start and maintain momentum so you can “hit the ground” running when you get back to business in January.

Alternatively, if you do nothing over the holidays and leave it until the new year, you will lose valuable time and could end up being a couple of weeks behind. Let’s face it, it’s hard to get started after a long period of inaction and too much spiked egg nog. 🙂

December is a great month to:

  • Conduct career research. Identify companies you want to work for. Reach out to hiring managers and set up informational meetings.
  • Update and improve your résumé, cover letter, and Linkedin profile.
  • Clean up your social media.
  • Get active on Linkedin. Post articles and updates. Join and participate to groups. Build your connections.
  • Acquire and prepare your interview attire. December is a great month to hit the clothing sales.
  • Update your Linkedin photo with a fresh one that’s ideally professionally taken.

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