If you’ve been applying to countless jobs online and not getting a good response, or hearing crickets, I hate to break it to you – your résumé is probably the culprit.

It’s not your fault. Résumé writing is not your area of expertise. Plus, this whole job application and hiring process has become soooo complicated and competitive. If your résumé isn’t written a certain way, it will become the biggest obstacle in your job search.

So what do you do?


First – Knowledge is power. Understand what hurdles your résumé is up against.

Second – Get in control. Determine what you need to do.

Third – Make it happen. Take action!



Hurdle #1:  The dreaded applicant tracking software systems


When you apply to jobs online, you typically need to upload your résumé into one of the 200+ different ATS systems.

According to stats, over 75% of the résumés never get past this first filter.

If your résumé isn’t written to be “ATS friendly” (which isn’t just about including keywords) it won’t get a good ranking and will get buried under dozens if not hundreds of other higher-ranked résumés.  As a result, the human reader will never see it and it won’t get read.

Sadly, you can be the best fit candidate and never get the interview simply because your résumé was not properly optimized for the ATS.


Hurdle #2:  The human reader is NOT impressed

Your résumé made it through the ATS screen, but the human reader was not excited enough to call you for the interview.

Reportedly, over 75% of the résumés that make it past the ATS subsequently get rejected by the human reader.

There are many reasons why so many résumés are disqualified which goes beyond the obvious things, like spelling and grammar mistakes.  Recruiters and hiring managers are so inundated with mind-numbing documents they become brutal in their filtering process.

I estimate there is close to 20 “elimination criteria” which the human reader uses to quickly advance to the “better” résumé that’s easy to scan quickly and shows them in only a few seconds why the candidate is a strong match for the position.


Hurdle #3:  Employers are always looking for reasons to NOT hire you

Why do you think the interviewing and hiring process takes so long and involves four interviews, tests, psychometrics, and your first born? They’re looking for that elusive “Perfect Fit”.

To convince the employer that you are a potential hire, your résumé has to clearly show why you are a match that requires much more than just rattling off your education, experience, and skills.


Hurdle #4:  You’re up against LOTS of competition

“Thanks”  to the internet, each job posting apparently has on average 250 résumé submissions.

To be considered for the interview, your document has stand out from the crowd and distinguish YOU as that elusive “Perfect Fit” so that the human reader is compelled to contact you.


The hurdles are inevitable

If you’re embarking on a job search, you will encounter these four hurdles.

One way to stack the odds in your favour is to ensure that your résumé is expertly crafted so that it helps you:

Get past the ATS systems: It’s screened and scored and then ranked as a good match with the job description, maximizing its chance of being seen and selected by the human reader at the other end.

Grab the ATTENTION of the human reader: They immediately see something that addresses their “hiring pain”.

Generate INTEREST: They want to learn more about how you can help them ease their hiring pain (i.e. solve their “problem”.)

Stir DESIRE: They like the solutions (value) you offer and the results you achieve (value).

Create ACTION: The human reader contacts you!

A stand-out résumé that is properly optimized and customized for your specific job search can SIGNIFICANTLY increase your chances of busting through the barriers and seizing the interview.

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